Hivepass case studies

Our customers results

We have selected three of our customers each representing a different mountain bike organisation type.


Queenstown Mountain Bike Club

Type: Mountain bike club

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand


In their first year on Hivepass QMTBC saw a whopping 91% increase in membership. Realising the potential of app-based membership, QMTBC’s dedicated committee members and administrator embraced what the platform had to offer in order to achieve this.

QMTBC now has 65 amazing deals for their members, and with so much interest, this has allowed QMTBC to become more discerning in regards to the businesses they partner with.

QMTBC is currently sitting at over 2000 members, and these numbers enable the club to approach local council and other parties with current, accurate membership data and therefore more leverage when lobbying for access and funding.

Mystic Bike Park

Type: Bike park

Location: Bright, VIC, Australia


Mystic Park was a free to use Australian mountain bike park based in Victoria that had become incredibly popular but was facing closure as they were unable to secure any public funding for ongoing maintenance, or provide a liability waiver procedure for park users.

Once moving to pay as you ride with Hivepass Mystic Park has successfully moved to a sustainable business model and is able to provide liability coverage to park users via the Hivepass digital waiver functionality.

The project was a resounding success and other parks in Australia are looking to emulate this.

Success was based on the number of park users, funding captured plus with all the new trails members are super happy and there is a ton of positive social media feedback.

Trails Wellington

Type: Trails trust/association

Location: Wellington, New Zealand


Trails Wellington is a new entity that was established to promote outdoor activities and trail exploration in the Wellington region. As a newly formed organisation, the challenge was to attract members to support its vision and mission.

In their first year on Hivepass Trails Wellington collected a total of $65,400 consisting of $51,800 in membership fees and $13,600 in donations, averaging at $7 donation per member. Of this revenue 58% was yearly recurring subscriptions and so guaranteed future revenue.

This was a newly branded trails trust compared to the already established trail trust and did not have the same level of brand recognition. This revenue is projected to increase year on year. This was a completely new source of funding for them on top of their existing funding sources.

Kerikeri Mountain Bike Club

Type: Small Mountain Bike Club

Location: Kerikeri, New Zealand


Kerikeri Mountain Bike Club Boosts Membership and Engagement with Hivepass

Kerikeri Mountain Bike Club (KKMTB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting mountain biking in the Kerikeri region of New Zealand. With around 100 members, the club was looking for a way to manage their growing membership base more efficiently while also increasing engagement among members. That's when they discovered Hivepass.

Since implementing Hivepass, KKMTB has seen a significant increase in membership, with numbers jumping from 100 to 183 (an 83% increase) in just 12 months. Hivepass has made it easy for members to join and renew their membership online.

But it's not just about the numbers. Hivepass has also helped KKMTB increase engagement among members. The platform's messaging feature allows the club to communicate with members more easily, and the mobile app has made it simple for members to stay up-to-date on events, trail conditions, and other important club news.

Overall, Hivepass has helped KKMTB achieve their goal of making mountain biking more accessible and enjoyable for everyone in the Kerikeri region. With a streamlined membership process, improved communication, and better project management tools, KKMTB is well-positioned for continued growth and success.