Digital Membership

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Hivepass offers a flexible array of membership types. See membership types here

Digital Membership Card

Replace your physical membership cards with an app for your members. It's better for the environment and inexpensive for your organisation. This can also be used as a permit e.g. a foresty permit that grants access to ride

Registration and Payments

Simple to take membership payments as a single year or recurring payment. Connects to your Stripe account.


Accept standalone donations or donations when membership is paid. One off or recurring donations. Customisable amounts. Tax compliant donation receipts are sent to members.
Check out donations for anonymous users at

News Feed

Keep your members up to date with the newsfeed. Add posts with optional push notifications out to mobile app for important notifications.

Partner Deals

Promote local businesses and offer benefits to your members.

Membership Management

Use our web based admin panel to manage your members using our lightweight CRM.

Mobile App and Web Application

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. While there is a web application that users can register on if they do not have a mobile device.

Trail Management

Keep trail statuses up to date. Add location of trails so users can easily navigate there. Link the trail to the Trailforks app.


Show your potential members what you do.

Digital Waivers/Contracts

Users can scan a QR code to open the mobile app and agree to a digital waiver. Perfect for health and safety requirements.

Uplink to MTBNZ

Upload all your affiliation submission data to MTBNZ in a single click.

Smart QR codes and unique urls

Custom styled QR codes with a short url that you can print out and add to your trails or share on social media.
These will take the user direct to your organisations registration screen via the app or play store if required.